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Have you seen Miracle Whip’s campaign?

Miracle Whip - Love Us?

Miracle Whip - Hate Us?

Miracle Whip is asking people to openly and honestly tell them what they think of their product. This takes product reviews to a whole new level. Instead of recruiting positive reviews (“If you love us, let us know!”) and understanding that some negative reviews will come your way, too, Miracle Whip takes a bolder approach:

Love Us? Great!     Hate Us? Great!

They aren’t asking people to “like” them on Facebook or to be their “friend”. They are asking people to claim a strong emotion: either Love or Hate. Miracle Whip is bringing passion back into a brand that I, at least, would have considered a tired and old brand.

Miracle Whip is calling on their passionate consumers and their passionate consumers are coming through for them. At the time of this post, the score is 48,698 LOVEs and 2,811 HATEs.

Love Us? Hate Us?

Love Us? Why?

I hate Miracle Whip. My mom and Mamaw have always used it (pretty much all of my Alabama family uses it), but I prefer good ol’ mayonnaise. I’ve tried Miracle Whip and decided I don’t like it. Mayonnaise just tastes better. I don’t buy Miracle Whip and I’ve not reconsidered my stance on the Miracle Whip vs. Mayonnaise debate since I started buying my own groceries.

However, this campaign got me to try it again. I requested a sample and decided to give it another shot. Why not? It was free, after all.

I still don’t like it, but this campaign got me to try it again after I had decided not to use it. It got me thinking and talking about it. Now, one of you may read this post about Miracle Whip, try it, and like it. That’s how good campaigns work.

Do you Love them or Hate them? Tell them here and let me know in the comments below.
Don’t forget your free sample.
You can even see Pauly D let them down easy. Apparently Miracle Whip is NOT Pauly D approved.

Miracle Whip YouTube Page

Nigel Hollis, Harvard Business Review, is not impressed with this campaign. Claiming that it is little more than a remake of Marmite’s “Love It or Hate It” campaign.

Elaine Wong, however, has a more favorable view on the campaign in her review for Forbes.

I guess for the campaign, much like Miracle Whip, you either Love It or Hate It.


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